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Heiko Ryll
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Member #0075

Heiko Ryll
Heiko Ryll
Edmonton, Alberta , Canada
Artist: 1 Years

About Heiko Ryll

Heiko Ryll
I have been working in the creative community the past two decades, have seen and been a part of many trends that came and went. To sustain I believe you need to be able to adapt quickly to what the market needs. Freelancers have the edge over companies as they can change their focus literally minute-by-minute. I have seen many companies and individuals come and go very fast as they did not have the skills and the ability to adapt to what the market is needing.

Adaptability requires access to new skills quickly. I have been involved in education parallel to my craft for the past two decades, teaching at all major postsecondary and vocational schools in Edmonton as well as being a mentor and industry support for k-12 teachers in both the public and catholic school systems. I feel that short courses that are focused on giving the individual the skills they need to get started are essential in today’s economy. I have been working with MacEwan University to develop short courses that are focused on the transition into the creative fields. There are basic skills that are overlooked by traditional education models that are essential. Move the focus away from the technical skillset and more to the development of business practices and ways to bring more value to what we do.

I believe we are living in a renaissance of creativity, as it’s one of the most important skills for any business to stand out and survive. Creativity is a learned skill set that needs to be developed and practiced. By using specialized teaching techniques I include exercises into creativity development in all my classes. Some are direct with most being very subtle, but very effective in pushing fear aside and developing the skills that are most needed that are independent of software or technology.

The technical is still required, but with the availability of knowledge education can now flip the classroom and use it to bring more context to the technical skills. I’m bringing mentor-based education in short courses that gives students the ability to have the education be tailored to their specific situation. This is not a new concept in education as I have been practicing it for the past decade opening doors for hundreds of new creatives. In today’s economy and market to be able to survive you need to be adaptable and have fast access to the skills needed to provide what is needed.